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Mermaid spells from around the net!

This is a collection of mermaid spells (and some side effects/symptoms) from around the net. I did the long task of gathering these, but I make no claim to making or owning them. Therefore, I haven't edited the spells or side effects, not even for spelling. If I have any notes to add, you'll see them marked with my name. Any other notes are from the sites I jacked them from.

I don't know if any of these work, but it should be obvious which ones are bunk (hint: bad typing and spelling are a dead giveaway), and which are more likely to work. As far as I can tell, these all came to existence on the net.


~Kaishin (kaishin_9@yahoo.com)

(Please don't email me questions about these spells, because I CANNOT [and will not] help you with them.)

*   *   *

Side effects/symptoms:

Kai's note: You might get all of these, you might get some, you might not get any, you might experience something not on this list. I don't agree with some of the stuff on the list, specifically being moonstruck, decreased hair growth, random outbursts, and weird weather patterns. The moon doesn't affect merfolk, at least not me. I still have considerable hair growth, and I'm a guy. Mermaids aren't angry, overly emotional creatures, so I don't know why you'd be having moodswings or be unable to control your emotions. And honestly, check the weather where you live, and then if something funky happens that wasn't supposed to THEN you can blame being a mermaid on weird weather.

Kai's Note 2: Remember, none of this is my bad spelling.

 *Legs changing color

 *Sing well alot




 *Skin off toes peeling

 *Legs itching , tingly , achey


 *Coughing fits water

 *Gills ( Most likely around neck or sides )

 *Legs wanting to stay Together / Crossed

 *Constant Thirst

 *Craving Salt

 *Mood swings

 *Wanting to touch / be in water

 *Mermaid Dreams / Visions

 *Random Outbursts

 *Getting Moonstruck

 *Symbol Changes color ( Some )


 *Rely on water to make you happy

 *Feel weak when touch water

 *Hair decreases growth ( ex. takes a long time to grow hair back , shaved / cut / waxed )

 *Thunder and Lightning when you go swimming

*   *   *

oh you dont have to be in the bath

oh sea oh sea i wish to be

i wish to be a mermaid when wet

its been my dream to be a mermaid

i no they exist wish to change

by touching water in the morning i will be

A MERMAID if i touch water.


or else who knows what will happen to u without u knowing

DO NOT TELL YOUR PARENTS it has to be a secret or your powers wont come to u and u wouldnt want that

you dont get to chose the color of your tail they chose it for u

the color they chose between is










Kai's note: lol- fool moon.

*   *   *

mermaid mermaid i will join you maybe not today but just someday please let my wish come true i want a tail the coulor light blue

touch water under a full moon with a symbol

Kai's note: 'symbol'. How vague.

*   *   *

Get some water (in a glass).

-meditate with the glass of water infront of you.

Get a fan.(eletric fan)

-Put the fan(turn it on) and the water infront of you.

-meditate for 20 minutes Only thinking about mermaids.

when your done get in the shower or bath.

-meditate in the shower/bath only thinking about mermaids.

Side affects:(you may not have all of these)

Rash on your legs.


Craving for salty water

Wanting to go into the sea or touch it.

Craving for fish or any seafood.

If you dont have any of these side affects you arent ready.

Kai's note: and what exactly does the fan do?

*   *   *


Water of nature talk unto me, Water of nature let the earth come to me, Water of nature sea creatures and I, will never leave each until I resign, Oh great oceans, Oh great seas, anwer my want answer my need, make me a mermaid.

*   *   *


there is NO going back you have to believe

god oh god the magical lord

moon oh moon you love to gloom

magic oh magic i no your not tragic

and all of you i ask to be

a pretty mermaid in the sea

but only 10 seconds after i touch water

and to have a special power

please please on this hour

give this power to me

*   *   *

Plug the bathtub up and start the shower. Stand with the water falliung down and say the following 2 or 10 times.

Mermaids and witches far and near

Please listen now, lend an ear

My wish is simple as you see

to be a mermaid with the sea

i wish to have a(n) __ tail

Please do not fail

My powers I wish for ___

My time underwater is eternal

for gills on the neck are essential

Mermaids and witches

please listen

my eternal wish forever be

please me just me

become a mermaid when wet

a human when dry

at the stoke of midniught tonight

so mote it be!

it takes 10 seconds dont you see

to be a mermaid to be one with water

rain shall not affect me

only water from any other place

a mermaid when wet a human when dry

at the stroke of midnight tonight

so mote it be!

*   *   *

take pen and paper

draw picture of

how you wanna look

like.....you can shape shift

when being in mermaid form

after drawing completed,


Shiny tail come to me,

the one I drew happily.

Make me a mermaid,

get the sheraid!

mote it be.

hole picture and imagine you playing in the salty salty water....WITH TAIL AND POWERS YOU WANT, AND THATS THE POWERS AND TAIL YOU'LL GET....

Kai's note: sheraid??? Is it supposed to be charade?

*   *   *

Put the salt water in the shell and say;

'fish in the water,

fins in the sea,

i belong here,

so mote it be.'

do this 3 times in 1 day until it works.

*   *   *

Watergurdian oh waterguardian, make me a mermaid, so mote it be. Give me a tail the color of (...) and the power to(...) make my wish, to be like fish. so mote it be. Gills, no, big breath, yes. so mote it be. Give me my powers in 1 day, and my tail in 2. So mote it be. waterguardian, oh waterguardian, make me one of your creations, so mote it be.

IT ONLY WORKS FOR TRUE BELIEVERS! u havta b touchin water, warin a symbol, and say it 5times if u mess up, 4 times will work. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

( I have to give a shout out to mermaid_emily from 43things for this awesome self made spell)

*   *   *

Get into the shower or bath and when the moon has risen open the window or wherever you can see the moon and let the moonlight shine on you.


Magic Spirits of the deep,

I would like a tail,

Not two feet,

Beauty be upon me,

Fish all kinds let me see,

When I'm finished in the sea,

Let my feet return to me.

After one minute you will be come a mermaid when you touch water!

*   *   *

As i lay here in this water,

I conceal myself to you.

Air was needed,

Now no more,

My legs squeeze and join.

A mermaid forever be.

Lay in water!!!!

*   *   *

“A mermaid when wet,

A human when dry.

And have the power of (),

And the tail colour of ().

A human when dry,

A mermaid when wet.

Gills are not needed,

Just a big breath,

That lasts 30 minutes.

A mermaid when wet,

A human when dry.

I’ll get my powers and tail in 1 week,

I’ll get my tail 1 minute after being wet.

When wet a mermaid,

When dry a human.

The rain does not matter,

It does not change me.

But a drop of any other water will.

A mermaid when wet, A human when dry.

When dry a human,

When dry a human,

When wet a mermaid,

When wet a mermaid!”

The spell might not work. It depends on the person. It is stronger if you have another person/persons with you. Squeeze your legs together when you are doing the spell. Have a symbol on. Be in the pool on a full moon. Or have a picture of the full moon. It works better with the reall thing though. You have to stare at the center the entire time. Say the spell 2 times memorized so that you can stare at the moon. Dont look at you legs the rest of the night. Do the spell at the stroke of midnight and go strait to bed once you are done saying it. If you have to close your eyes while you change so that you dont see your legs. Keep the symbol on for the entire week. You should have your tail the morning in one week. If you did it on a Wednesday night then it would be on Thursday the next week that it should work by…just trust me. Please let me know how it goes!

*   *   *

A way to become a mermaid from Cloe

Pray to the goddess Pisces she is the goddess of mermaids

*   *   *

Anna's spell from Anna

I know one drink:

1 tablespoon grated coconut

1 himmbeersirup el

2 drops of blood from that of the

10-leaf clovers will be a full moon to drink

( I do not know what himmbeersirup el is, I think it is German!) 

Kai's note: Blood of what?

*   *   *

You will need the following ingredients :

1. A sponge (has to be the spongebob kind that is a real dead sea animal)

2. A sea urchin (the one with spines)

3. A sea shell that has the sound of the sea in it (you have to be able to the ocean)

4. salt water (needs to be real, you can get it out of an aquarium sometimes)

What you have to do is wait for a full moon

You take some of the the salt water and clean your hands with it

Use the spiney sea urchin to poke one of your fingers

Let some of the blood drip into the seashell you can hear the ocean in it

Use the sea water and the sponge to clean your whole body off

Take Off tight clothes as your tail might break them or get hurt

The last step is to look up at the moon and NOT your body and listen into the sea shell, close your eyes when you hear it and when you open them again you will be a mermaid


The ONLY way to STOP being a mermaid is to feel it in your heart that you don't belong in the ocean and on the next full moon you will lose the tail.

*   *   *

RULES: Go 2 your bathroom and fill up your Bathtub to near full or as much as you want. Then sprinkle salt water all over the tub, and it has to be dark or dim , BUT NOT BRIGHT .. And you need a symbol.

THE SPELL: A human when dry, a mermaid when wet, and have a power like ( ) and have a tail the color of( ) a human when dry, a mermaid when wet, gills are not needed, just a big breath, that lasts 30 minutes, a human when dry, a mermaid when wet, i’ll get my powers, and tail in 1 week,i’ll get my tail, one minute after being wet, when wet a human when dry, a mermaid when wet, the rain does not matter, it cannot change me, but a drop of any other water will. You get to choose your power(heating, freezing, molding, psychic, telekineses,ext.) And your tail color.

After completing the spell, sit in the tub, and your heart should reveal what to do next. Listen to it, mine told me to go under, and to sit, if you do not hear anything, or feel anything, then get out QUICKLY 

*  *  *

First there are some things you'll need:

-a jar (glass)

-a bowl

-small sea shells (you can buy them cheap at decoration shops)

-sparkling water

-a necklace that represents something that has to do with the sea to use as a symbol (I used one of the shells and made a necklace)

-sea salt

-Two ocean scented candles

-background music that makes you think of the ocean

How you do it: First, fill the jar with tap water and mix it with the salt. Then put some of the shells into the water and close it tight. Then fill the bowl with the sparkling water. After that you place the candles in front of you one on your left and the other on your right.Place the sheet of paper in between the candles. Turn on the music, light the candles, turn off the light, and make your hands all wet with the water from the bowl.

Take the jar with shells in your right hand and a spare big shell in the other. Start shaking them and say the spell:

'' Guidance spirits come to me , Make me what I wish to be , Dancing on the ocean floor , Dancing with the fish and more , But not permanent is my wish , I don’t want to become a real fish .. When I bathe, swim or dream , Bless me with a Beautiful Tail fin , Still a human beneath my scales , But a mermaid deep inside my heart ... Guidance spirits make me be let me take on the form I wish to be ! ''

After you said it correctly close your eyes and your heart will tell you a number… That number will tell you how many days it will take for the spell to complete.

After hearing the number, open your eyes take a shell and put out the candles using the shell and some water. Stand up, turn on the lights and clean the room. You have to put the jar on a place where you’ll be able to see it anytime (like on your desk, TV, or nightstand, etc…)

When you did that you need to eat something salty. Shake your jar once every morning and evening.

You WILL also have total control over your transformations, as long as you’re in water you can summon your tail.

Kai's note: Sparkling water is carbonated water. wtf is its place in a mermaid spell?

*   *   *


My wishes of eternity

Only to swim as free

A Mermaid when in water

yet a human when on shore

with powers of (Say the power you wish to have)

and a tail of (Say the color tail you wish to have) color


Say with your whole left hand under water.




Any time, should work in one week.

*   *   *

1. Fill your bathtub with water, add seashells! Put on a locket with a picture of a fish in it!

2. Say " I wish to be a mermaid, I wish with all my heart, and now I'd really like my mermaid powers to start! I will choose my power and the color of my tail, and I'm very sure that my descision will not fail! My power will be (freezing, boiling, moving) and my color will be (favorite color)!

3. Get into the bathtub for 30 minutes, hold your legs together the whole time!

4. Get out of the tub and dry off, put moisturising lotion on, then don't touch water for more then 10 seconds for the rest of the day!

5. Also, don't take the locket off! It will hold your powers until they are done soaking in, they should be soaked in to you by 7:00 that day, but still don't touch water, you will still get a tail, but could lose your power!

The full moon can't effect you in real life, and you get to choose when you transform!

*   *   *

It's not by a magic pool. You are swimming in the ocean and to the far distance you might see a deserted island. Near the island, is a beautiful coral reef. There you will find a dark hole. Take a deep breath and dive into the hole. It will be a very dark and long hole. Once your head reaches out of the water you will find beautiful sea-flowers sticking out of the water. Pick one and put it in your hair then at the stike of midnight, dive into the water. Then you will fully transform. PERMENENTLY. yes but it is very hard !!!!!!!! you have to swim like a mermaid for 35 weeks!!!!!!!! but before you get all happy it works for some people and some not!!!!!! And it work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai's note: still sounds like you're finding a magic pool of water. What does she mean you have to swim like a mermaid for 35 weeks?

*   *   *


you go into the shower wearing your favorite necklace then you take your shower but towards the end of your shower you say this spell SLOWLY:

mermaid magic come to me

i would like a tail not two feet

beauty be upon me

fish of all kinds let me see

when im done in the sea

when im dry my feet return to me

OR: magic spirits of the deep I would like a tail not two feet 

beauty be upon me

fish of all kinds let see me

when i'm finished in the sea

when i'm dry my feet return to me


1. It takes one drop so be careful

2. It takes ten seconds

3. Don't be scared if different powers find you so try and use them for good

4. DO NOT look at the full moon or who knows what will happen without you knowing

5. Enjoy!

*   *   *

This spell really works [lol no]. It makes you like one of the H2O girls. It takes about one month for a full tail to come when you touch water (even a tiny drop will change you) and about two months to get a power.


Insouciant inclemency

Redoubtable mediocracy

Refutable humanity

Make me what I wish to be…..


Witches one and witches all

Give this power to me

Repeat 10 times

Whatever you do, DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!!!!! You do not have to be in the bath, shower, pool, or ocean while you say this. Some part of you just has to be touching water. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS ON A FULL MOON. Just don’t look at it or you will regret looking at it (after saying the spell).

After saying this spell, you will probably have side effect(s) like singing well alot, stomachaches, achy or itchy legs, the urge to drink a lot of water, the urge to touch water/go swimming, a rash, mermaid dreams, dizzines, weakness, and the unconscious urge to keep your legs crossed or together. Sometimes your legs might even stick together.

Tail colors vary, and you do not decide what color your tail will be. You do not get to choose your power. Powers I’ve heard of are the H2O powers (heating, freezing, or shaping water), psychic powers, and telekinesis.

For this spell to work, you need to have a symbol; something that is special to you and is on your upper body (so it will still be visible when you grow a tail). It can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, your hair, your eyes, etc. You cannot take it off for more than two hours at a time or you will lose your powers and tail or the spell won’t work. You also have to believe the spell will work or else it won’t. I’ve seen its effects; it does work.

Anyone with more questions can post them on here in an entry and I will answer them as best as I can.

PS Boys can say this spell and have it work too. I think everything just takes a little longer for them.


Kai's note: You can't be like H20, people. IT'S A TV SHOW. Whoever made this admitted it was fake, while others say it's a curse. Have fun.

*   *   *

The way to do the spell is to:

Run a hot bath and pour salt in it on a full moon. think about a tail instead of two feet.

say this: God of the moon, goddess of the ocean bless me with a tail but when i'm dry i have my human form.

Don't forget to look at the full moon for 10 secs and think of a power u want

*   *   *

on a full moon touch some kind of form of water and look at the full moon for 30 seconds then the next morning touch some kind of water and you might just become a mermaid/merman

*   *   *

1. you get a sea shell and put it on a chain

2. you put your writing hand in the water

3. get a picture of the full moon

4. look at the full moon

5. put the necklace on

say this:

tohesse-nah, 1 2 3

let my legs return to me,

when i get on land,

in the water i get a tail,

tohesse-nah to mermaids. Should Cause:

headaces, sudden thirst, stomach aches, your powers and tail should come on the next full Moon.

*   *   *

to become a mermaid you go into a pool on a full moon i'm sure everyone told you this , but you go into a pool on a full moon at the time of eight thirthy or at twelve oclock If you have a pool swim in it on a full moon and then the next day when you are in your pool you are a mermaid this is how i became one i was swimming and the full moon came out it illuminated the water

*   *   *

this is exaclty howyo u become a mermaid jump in the deep end of the pool and stare at the Full moon wait til the water starts to bubble then wait a few seconds or the next time you thouch water OR the next day youll be a mermaid. good luck!

*   *   *

you can be a mermaid or merman by waiting til the full moon going to the pool(salt water pool)stear at the full moon for 3 minutes next day tuch water one drop can do you`ll become a mermaid/merman true story herd it read it is the truth swear!try it i am one

*   *   *

ok you want to be a mermaid ok fallow this steps:

Step 1 fill your bath tub. Step 2 put salt lots of it in your bath tub. Step 3 sit in there for thirty min then the next day when you tuch water you will be a mirmaid i have been a mirmaid for years i used to pertend to be one till one day we were at the beach at night i was with my friends and the full moon

Kai's note: if you can't spell mermaid right, you're probably not a mermaid. 

*   *   *

Hey ya'll this is a really great way 2 become a mermaid! Now i kno u've heard this all b4 but.... this is the truth! I've been researching all night! and man am i tired O well there is still time 2 tell u b4 i try myself! So heres the deal:

1) get ur fav neclace on(on the night of the full moon)

2) then if u want 2 get the power 2 freeze water a cold bath, the power 2 steam water a hot bath, and exactly in the middle(temperature) for the power 2 move water

3) then put 6 and 2/5 cups of salt in the water

4) next put body wash(soap) from the waist down, with the color u want ur tail 2 b

5) then soak for 22 minutes and 14 seconds

6) get out of the water and dont touch water 4 the next 13 hrs and 47 minutes. hope u hav fun!! oon came and me and my friends became one but still try the other way

*   *   *

Ok to become a mermaid there are a few steps...

You will need a shell real fake even a pasta shell will work.

You will need a picture of the full moon or do this on the full moon

You will need water

Now put your left hand in the water and hold the shell in your right.Stare at the center of the full moon and say...

Mystery of the moon give me my magic soon

Power of the sea make me what I want to be: a mermaid. 

If this works you will become like addicted to water,your legs will feel odd when you touch water,and on full moons you might act strange.Dont worry your tail will come soon. 

Kai's note: okay, seriously, a pasta shell? 

*   *   *

Kai's note: the following are from someone called Lyfe. I will note when this changes. I can't really tell when some of these spells split, so I copypasta'd it the way it was on the site it was jacked from.

Oh great Posiedon God of the seas

Please look down upon me

I plead for the power over water

This power for me is of your choice

Or if you lend me it i will rejoice

In your kingdom under the sea

Is where i will be

I thankyou great posiedon

Audite meus placitum


 Create an altar with things from the sea and a trident or a dolphin as a symbol

Use ocean scented candles

Pray everynight at your altar that he give u 1 power

 Great beings of the universe,Ancient spirits of the sea

I Have a dream that i wish to become reality

I wish to be half human and half fish

Grant me with a blessing of a tail

Please dont let this spell fail

My tail shall come only when i will it

When i am done in the sea

My tail will go and my true legs will return to me

Please grant my wish

Fae’s, Nymph’s, and Spirit’s of the sea,

With this enchantment I Shall Call upon thee,

Transform these legs into that of Fish,

This is my sole and dearest wish!

My body You may take over, to do as you desire,

my mind is forfiet, as long as i aquire,


(repeat 10-15 times(I have done less and nothing happened))

she now have a purple tail and powers that of hypnosis!

i have tried other people’s spells and they all didnt work.

WARNING: do not attenpt this out of water as you will get a very painful headache.

Side effects inclued the following: temporary loss of speech, longing to touch water, different swimming patterns, and your legs may glue together at random times. also unclear thinking and wozzyness are possible

Selkies sirens Mer-folk of the wild and ever changing seas

I ask for a great gift for you to bestow upon me

I wish to become one of you

But only when my skin touches water shall i transform

Please don't let my dream be torn

I ask thee

When i am dry my legs will return to me

"I now proclaim this spell is done

-2 sea shells

-2 candles

-ocean sounds


-ribbon to bind your legs together at your ankles and knees when you sleep

-favorite swimsuit top/sports bra [females]

-drawing of a pentacle with a mermaid tail in the middle and a symbol for five powers of your choice one for each point of the star. [the color of the pentacle will most likely be the color of your tail.

-bathtub full of luke-warm salt water


Fill bathtub with saltwater when the sky is darn and the moon is high. [never during the day or new moon] Put the sea shells in either side of the tub and light the candles. Get undressed and put your swimsuit bikini/takini top on, turn off the lights, turn on the ocean sounds, and get in the tub. Place drawing of pentacle underneath the water but on top of your legs


Magic Spirits of the deep

King Neptune Lord of all the sea

A mermaid is what I wish to be

To have a tail and not two feet

But the tail would not be mine to keep

Only when my feet are wet

Would I be able to swim freely

And once dry the tail is replaced with my human feet

But I must beware not to stay in the sea for more than two hours

Or my feet shall never return to me

Neptune as my witness

I accept the consequences

Magic Spirits of the deep

King Neptune Lord of all the sea,

A mermaid is what I wish to be. 


Drain the tub, snuff out the candles with the wet sea shells, then turn on the lights. Put on a long t-shirt or night gown or something then bind your legs together at the ankles and knees. Go to sleep. You should have a dream about how many days the spell will take to work. Once you know that, everytime you go to bed for the nioght, bind your legs. On the last day, bind your legs together [like usual] but before you go to sleep you say "The one to be a mermaid forever more is me"

Kai's note: end Lyfe's spells.

* * *

Items you Need; Nothing

 Say: *make me a mermaid to swim in the ocean waves with a (color) tail whenever i touch water 10 seconds later i get this*

Takes 1-4 or more weeks. I'd say if it doesn't work in say 6 week try again or something. So at the most takes 6 weeks I THINK!

Say 5 times

Say while DRY and with NO symbol

BOYS: change Mermaid to Merman

If your a girl you DO get a top with the tail.

Helps if you say it SLOWLY. It makes it easier to say rite.

If you say it wrong just try again. NO waiting. =-) (You have to say it in the bathtub) 

* * *

Items you will need; water, sand, seashell, blue, yellow, and green candle. 

 okay so spill the water on your head, and spill the light sand on your legs to ur feet, and say: 

The water will make my hair grow to my breats, 

the sand would make my feet shrivle with happiness, 

so for now on let my tail grow in three days not no 

more then three but please make let my legs be transform 

more then i want, more then i need, i want to be....... 

A MERMAN!!!!!! so make it happen so everyone can see 

when i run away from water i will soon have a daugter 

living in the ocean, the water........water.......... 

* * *

The first thing you do is say this chant 2 times when it is night time and in one night you'll be a mermaid. 


"mermaids of the deep blue ocean waters, fish

in the sea, make me what i wish to be.

i wish to be a mermaid with an orange tail and the power of heating water.

rain shall not effect me, but one drop of any other water will. i will get my tail

and power in one night. but if i see the full moon, i shall go to where the water is

and i shall be a mermaid all night. to mote it be."


* * *

First, you need to be wearing a symbol. DO NOT EVER TAKE THE SYMBOL OFF!! You need to be in a bath full of water. The LIGHTS NEED TO BE DIM OR DARK- NOT BRIGHT. Bright will effect the spell. 


"from power of the eclipse,

and the power of the sun, make me

 what i wish, a mermaid to have

fun, when wet my tail will grow, when

dry no one will

know, make me please, what i want

to be, a mermaid just for me." 

* * *

Great Grandmother Spell

Kai's note: I'm pretty sure on H20 a similar situation happened, so I'm going to guess that someone just made this up after watching H20. *facepalm*

This spell is from my great grandmother's diary. I'm not sure if she made it but I posted all the information I have! According to the spell in her book, you need to wear a pearl you found in the ocean as your symbol. You need to do it when there is a full moon. Walk into the water. Say:

" As I step into this water, where all joins and become one make me what I need to be. Make me a mermaid, with a tail of [] and a power to []." 

This spell is short, you only have to say it once. Here is what my great grandmother recorded after the spell:

" Dear Diary, January 11, 1904

Last night I did a spell. It was easy to say, but now today I feel it. Feel it more than a sore. It is painful, but feels oddly wonderful. I can feel the magic, I feel united. I can't explain the pain and joy, all I can say is I feel the magic working upon me."

" Dear Diary, January 15, 1904

It is working, the spell, I don't believe it's working. I have a small red heart mark on my thigh, I feel so connected to the water, whenever I touch water my legs are coated with this thick, clear, stick stuff. I wished for the power of Jelekinis (Jelly Power). Is this working, can it be?"

" Dear Diary, February 6, 1904

Oh my! I can't wright pages tonight because I need to go swimming. I was underwater without needing air for a good two minutes. I could see perfectly. It makes me feel so free! What a beautiful underworld. "

This was all I could read from the diary, because some pages where ripped out by her mother, I read this entry to know this:

"Dear Diary, May 8, 1908

My ma got ahold of my diary; she said that she needed to know why I was always running off the land and missing my chores. She told me that she did't want me believing in "the false" but I know mermaids exist, I'll show her! She ripped out some of the pages and tossed them into our fire. I cried for hours and planned on running away, I'll leave on May 23, my 15th birthday. I'll run away back to my home, the ocean. Never again will I be so un clever of documenting my heart. Never again! Ma, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that you did a good job in breaking your daughter's heart." 

Inside the diary, was a locket with the tiny pearl inside she used for the spell. There was a note placed right on top of it saying,"As my last wish, I wish for this to be given to my great grand daughter who believes. Her name will be Callissa, she will be a mermaid and show my ma what we're made of. 

Kai's note: Oh yes, don't let your actual daughter/son have the power to be merfolk. Shows how nice of a parent you are, and how CONVENIENT for your granddaughter. Originality points, ZERO.

* * * 

I made this spell potion just for fun, but then it actually started working. This works by-itself or it can enhance a spell. Some have became mer or started to because of this spell. All you do is just wear it and it should work, You need to use an antique piece of jewellery on your upper body. Take a bowl, fill it with salt water. Put in 

- a piece of the one you love most (blood, hair, spit etc...)

- something you found in the ocean

- a table spoon of sand 

- a piece of you

- a piece of paper writing your wish to be a mermaid

Then boil it until all there is left is your symbol, what you put in, and the sea salt. Now wear the symbol! It may take up to 2 weeks to start experiencing side effects. Once experiencing it, it will take 2-6 months for your tail to develop. It will take 1 month after that for your power to develop. Have fun, and NEVER TAKE YOUR SYMBOL OFF!!! 

* * *

This spell is from Destiny, the owner of http://potionsoftheworld.webs.com/ So thank you Destiny =D What you need: 

- Seashells (real)

- Salt water (does not have to be from the ocean)

- Sand

- A small Bowl

Take the bowl and put salt water in it. Then put the shells in. Put the sand in and stir for 30 seconds. Take the potion and put it on your legs.

 Say this: " âcœ mermaids of the sea, make me like you! Give me a tail, but only when wet and legs when dry! So mote it be! So mote it be!âe"

** This potion takes 1-5 weeks** 

Kai's note: 'Mote' is stupid and doesn't make your spell sound more magical. Please stop.

* * *

This is my spell. Seeing as it worked so well on me (before I quit) I think it would be best if I posted it here. This is indeed a special spell and it even allows you to SHAVE YOUR LEGS! 

 Must be a full moon. Fill up your bath tub and sprinkle some sea salt in (as much as you want). Get in the bath.


"I call upon the ocean to grant me one wish,

To glide among coral reefs,

And swim with the fish.

When I touch water a countdown will begin,

Thirty seconds later I'll have a mermaid tail fin.

 When I dry off, my legs will return,

So there will be no concern.

Bless my symbol with this magic,

The limited time I have without it, the ruled won't apply, no panic.

I will be able to shave my legs without losing my powers or tail,

My powers and tail will prevail.

Hear my plea,

A mermaid is what I wish to be,

Please grant my wish,

And allow me to swim with the fish."

This spell should take about a month to complete. You don't get to chose your tail colour or your power, the spell chooses for you. 

* * *

Items you will need

2 roman chamromile inscents 

an alter

a stone pentecal 

a mermaid like object (like a statue, mermaid shaped pendant or something)

White whine 

a goblet or cup 

This spell is to be casted a month before the next full moon.


Start at the preparation of your Altar:

make sure ur alter is facing east.

The pentacle is to be set behind the mermaid object. 

The mermaid Object is to be set in the middle. One inscent (doesn't if it's stick or cone)

is placed on the left and on the right side.

Light the inscents and sit down. 

Close your eyes, empty your mind and only visualise yourself being a mermaid.


Then say this until the inscents have burned up:

Now at this times with in this our I call upon nuptune I call upon posidon I call upon gaia let me become wat I wish to be. A mermaid when I am wet, let me have a beutiful tail. When I am dry let me have my legs. Hear my begs, heare my pleads, make me wat I wish to be. Make wat I wish to be; on the next full moon give me wat I want. Make me what I am in my heart.


After that, take the object and put it inside the box, or wrap it in the cloth. It can't be touched by light untill the next full moon. Take the wine and pour some in the goblet/cup. Take the ashes of the inscent, put them in the whine and drink it up while visualizing you're a mermaid. On the next full moon you have to get the object (don't open it just yet!)

get in some water (bath, pool, lake, sea, ...) and unwrap the object, or take it out. You should now be able to transform into a mermaid. 

* * *

To be a mermaid when wet and a human when dry use this:

Get naked and get your legs wet. Hold a bracelet of any kind. Then wait one day,and your hair must reach your elboe. Then keep your legs together for 1 minute. The next day you need to go to a pool or place with lots of water, get in waist deep and say:

"I am tired of being on ground I want to swim. 'I want to swim and have a tail for water. Give me my wish that I can be a mermaid.

Then you should rise up out of the water with water around you and you will be a mermaid (this will also work if you want to be a merman)

 To be a mermaid PERMANENTLY use this:

 Get naked and get your legs wet. Hold a bracelet of any kind. Then wait one day,and your hair must reach your elboe. Then keep your legs together for 1 minute. The next day you need to go to a pool or place with lots of water, dive in and say when you are back on the surface:

"I am tired of being on ground I want to swim. 'I want to swim and have a tail for water. Give me my wish that I can be a mermaid.

Then you should rise up out of the water with water around you and you will be a mermaid (this will also work if you want to be a merman)

* * *

Two Parter Spell

start on a full moon at 12:00 at night

open a window and look at the full moon for about 5 min.

drink water the whole time.

now with the window still open meditate.you need to close your eyes ,and sit with your legs togher like

a mermaid tail.

follow the breathing pattern:breath in for 3 seconds,hold breath for 3 seconds ,breath out for 3

seconds,hold breath for 3 seconds.repeat throughout meditation.

consintrate on your breathing till you reach the darkness.

now see yourself under the ocean.make things feel,look,and smell as real as you can.

look around the ocean scean for a few miniuts.then see a mermaid come out from distince

but make the mermaid look like you . now there are only a few possible tail colors for 

deep sea mermaids they are,silver,dark blue,dark purple,teal,black,green,dark orange,and white.whatever

color tail you imagen the mermaid you with will be the color of your tail.

once you see the mermaid you ,head for the surface.when you get to the top smell the salt from the ocean

and feel the brezz on your face.

once you are there the mermaid you will follow.

once you are both at the top ask her or him for help to become a deep sea meramid.

they should say yes and that they can help.if they say that they cant help you wait fo the next

full moon and start from the begining.

repeat the meditation till your legs start to hurt.

once your legs hurt imagen your chi (white light) move from your stomach to your legs taking fourm of your tail.

come out of the meditation and your eyes should go to the full moon.

now concentrate on becoming a mermaid.hold 5 shells in one hand and a stalk of coral and a flower in the other.

now say"i give because i'm generous.i take because i ask.what i well deserve is what i will get.

i deserve to become a mermaid.i need to become a deep sea mermaid..i will get my mermaid tail.

so it be and so it is."

once you are done with that go to your bathroom and fill the tub as high as it will go.

once it is full put in 1 cup of salt and 15 drops of blue food coloring.

lock the door and light 2 white candles and place one on both sides of the tub.

place a small flat shell in your mouth(make sure it's clean) get into the tub and go under the water.

you need to hold your breath as long as you can,when you feel the need to come up for air DON'T!!!

just keep holding your breath and it will get esier,in your mind just keep thinking i can hold my breath forever

im a mermaid ,a deep sea mermaid over and over.once you REALLY need to come up for air,

come up and take the shell out of your mouth and blow out the candles.relak in the tub for about 30 min.


the second part of the spell needs to be done on a new moon.

this has to be done at sun set.

go in your bathroom and lock the door.

you need to make a circle out of white candles big enough for you to sit in.

take 4 conch shells and put 1 infront of you 1 behind you and 1 on each side of you.

sprinkle sand or dirt in the center of the circle.light the candles then turn off all the lights,and get in the circle.

take out a pice of paper .and then in blue ink write.....

i wish to be a deep sea meramid,this is my only wish so please let it come true.

when you are writing that down imagen your wish coming true,or imagen what you want.

once you do that take out a pice of your hair and tape it over the words "i wish to be a deep sea mermaid"

tape it so the words are conected.fold up the paper.

once you fold the paper set it in your lap and forget about it.

now you need a small mixing bowl full of water.

take off your clothing then take the bowl of water and hold it in your hands then say

"oh great one,my god,i call upon you in need

of your help.bless this water.(hold up bowl of water)bless this water with your power.with your purification

,with your healing and creating powers.bless this water.(put bowl down and stand up ,rub the water ,all of

the water on your legs.)when you are done say"with this water you so blessed,may this harm none,

the spell is done,so mote it be 3x3x3.let me swim in the sea ,a mermaid to forever be."

pick up the pice of paper and hold it over the candle directly infront of you.

let the paper burn.take the ashes and stuff it in the shell behind you.

blow out the candles then turn on the lights.put the shell with the wish paper in a place

you will forget about it.

the next morning take the shell you hid and then burry it in your yard.

powers are,controlig water,frezzing objects,heating water,creating fire,telepthy,

seeing in the dark,creating light,and super strength.

the spell can take up to 6 months to work.and 

at the very least 2 weekks.

warnig:there are side effects.i dont know what they all are,but when you are about to get your tail you will just about do crazy because you are conected to every ounce of watr on earth.

Kai's note: Drinking too much water in a short time can be dangerous. Don't recommend spells that tell you to hold your breath and not come up for air.

* * *

mermaidfairy's spell

You will need a pool, bath, lake, ect. (salt water is better than freshwater)


a new, full, or half moon


your sign (necklace, bracelet, your hair, your eyes)

To be a mermaid when wet and human when dry, do this.

Put the seashells on the edge of the water. Put on your sign. Get in the water (but do not jump in) so that just your legs are underwater. Say:

Gods and godesses of the sea,

Please come here and listen to me.

A mermaid when wet, I want to be.

A (color) tail would fill me with glee.

Gods and godesses of the sea,

Thank you for coming to listen to me.

 * * *

To be a mermaid permanently, use this.

Put the seashells in the water. Put on your sign. Jump in, then come up so that just your head is above water. Say:

Gods and godesses of the sea,

Please come here and listen to me.

A mermaid is what I want to be.

A (color) tail would fill me with glee.

Gods and godesses of the sea,

Thank you for coming to listen to me.

*  *  *

From the ocean gods far and near

Please I’m begging leand me an ear

I’ve wanted to be a mermaid you see

Because that is what I have chosen to be

But not forever is my wish

Only wet I should be like the fish

Then after I’m dry i shall be human again

So please oh please I’m beggin

One more thing that you should know

Is that I would like powers like(...)when i go


1) 4 candles(blue, yellow, any color, and red)

2) All the lights off


1) Get your favorite necklace, bracelet, earings

2) Go into your tub and fill it up as high as you can

3) Put on your necklace, bracelet, earings

4) light the candels 

5) Say spell 

6) Do whatever your heart tells you

7) Blow out all the candels saying (for blue one) ocean (for yellow one) moon (for the any clolored one) my power (for red one) for wet and dry 


1) You dont get to choose your tail color 

2) But you do get the power you want only one power choose wisely

3) Do this spell at 9mp, at 12am (midday) you should have a tail

* * *

~What you need~

1 conch shell (In which you can hear the ocean in.)

1 Bucket of sea water.

2 Dead star fish

2 Witnesses

Now wait until the next full moon.

Go outside on your lawn. Lay the 2 dead star fish on both sides of you. Have your witnesses, sit in front of you. Put the Conch shell to your ear. Keep you left index finger in the bucket of sea water and recite this spell.

~What to say~

Complete and utter integrity,

I am clean and full of innocence.

I do understand the consequences.

All the barnacles, and all the beasts.

I know the immense heat.

But I wish to be one with the sea.

I will live to 3 hundred.

I will then become just sea foam.

For I have given my soul to the depths.

I am prone to the fishers nets.

I wish to be one of the sea.

Grant this wish, I wish I plead.

Let the sea come to me.

~What to do~

After this dunk the sea water onto the lawn.

Bury the dead starfishes in the yard.

Take the conch shell and place it on your dresser.

Do not let your witnesses tell anybody, or else this will not work.

In exactly 3 days your legs should feel painful, and they should start to itch, soon you will notice scales on your legs.

Immediatly go to a place where the is salt water.

You chest should burn and it'll be hard to breath, you'll go into a deep sleep, when you wake up you'll have your tail.

And you'll have become a mermaid.

Kai's note: do not kill a starfish just to become a mermaid. If you're desperate enough to kill/hurt an animal to become a mermaid, you're already a terrible person, and do NOT need to be a mermaid.

* * *

 ~What you''ll need~

~ A necklace or bracelet 

~ A candle 

~ A bathroom (with a sink)


~What to do~

Do this spell when it's night and go into your bathroom. Light the candle and turn the bathroom light off, look at your self and say the spell. Once you've said the spell, splash your legs with water from the sink. 


~What to say~

Mermaids of the sea,

I really do not want to plea,

But, forever I have wanted

to become a mermaid,

I believe in mermaids and love them,

I will use my powers for good and not evil,

May I have a (The color you want your tail to be) tail and have the ( power you wish to have) power. In 24 hours I would like to become,

a mermaid of the sea.

* * *

 ~What to say~

Whispers of the ocean's wave

I no longer wish to live life the human's way

A fin, a tail, no longer wishing to just sail

make me a mermaid when wet,

and I human when dry, 

at midnight tonight, 

I'll be all set!

 ~What to do~

Say this spell while touching water, it should work by midnight. 

* * *

 Crab's claw, shark's fin

Not legs, but a tail to swim

A transformation to under go

With a tail to swim to here and fro

When water laps against my skin

I shall be free to splash and swim

 ~What to do~

Say this in a bath tub or pool, your body must be almost completely underwater, close your eyes and say the spell slowly. Once your done with your bath, dry off but don't dry your legs. This spell will take around 3 weeks or so. 

* * *

Rules&Procedures - just get in the bathtub and recite the spell

 one drop of water does me in

30 seconds later I will grow a fin

a tail will spread from my waist to my toes

covered in shiny (color) scales,

only my friends shall know

three powers over water I shall possess

to be able to use any time without a fret

I want to be able to swim the greatest depths

doing this with one big breath

when I want to have back my legs

I dry myself off

and am human once again

but one drop of water does me in

and the adventure will begin again”

* * *

do this on a full moon and you don’t need to be able to see it

when you do the spell just look at it when you are done.

take a shell THAT YOU FOUND,fill it with salt water(make this yourself by adding salt to water)

hold this over your heart and say

 magic shell I found along the beach

may the magic of the sea be cast upon me

mermaids splash along with the waves

I so wish to join them someday

so guardians,defenders,protecters,keepers of the sea

give me the powers I so wish to have

as dolphins splash and play away

this shell and this wish will let me join them someday”

note that is does not need to be a full moon(it can be any night)

make sure you imagine yourself as a mermaid when you get whet

and you become human when you are dry or you will be a mermaid forever!!!!

Keep the shell somewhere safe till you get your tail and power(s)then once you do get them

you must never break the shell or lose your gifts.

 * * *

Rules and Procedures- this is my spell to become a mermaid do this on a full moon you need a bowl (it can be any color)

a peace of your hair like a small one that you can rip out and if you do thins with a firend put both hairs in!

a seashell it can one you can buy a stores (chep ones!!)

the spell

from the plantets of two worlds help me mermaids of the deep blue, grant me a wish to be like you.Only when i touch water i will change toa tail color of (__________)

but i will always dry or wet havethe power of (_______)

rain will not change me but any other water will.mermaids of the deep blue please grant me with this iwish tonight of the full moon.help me hopefully i will change tonight please hear me(your name)

Things to do: put hand in water bowl put hair in bowl and sea shell in too. then say the spell WITH THE SEA SHELL IN YOUR HAND!! say spell . then after the spell kepp the sea shell with u 

* * *

How To Become An H20 Mermaid

by MiiJason1800 of the coven Spell Casters

This helps you become a mermaid exactly like the movi ''H20''. You do to appear to have powers. You choose them in the spell this worx too. its my spell, its developed, so anyone can use it like any other spell just locked up in the world...ENJOY!

Items you will need

 * Blue Candle

 * Jewlery ect.

 * Imagination

 * In the bath tube (bath)

 * Night time (7:45)a.m. or more

 * Believe

 * Not alot of SINS

First, get into the bathtube. Take a bath. While the doors are locked. You need the candle lit. A bathroom fan on, so your family does not know you are turning into a mermaid. If they came in while your doing this spell, you mess up, your in trouble. But anyway, lets continue. Now, imagine what tail and power your having. Believe it can happen. Remember, close your eyes to imagine. You have to say the spell 15 times if your 15. Or if your 9, say it 9times. Say it the time as your age. If you don't follow this spell right, you can actullay be putting the curse on you, so I expect you to write it down on a blank peace of paper. And bring the paper into your bath to follow right instructions. Now, you have alot of sins more than 12, or 18, your going to get evil knocking back at your door! Okay, now all those steps are done, now for the saying spell. Be very very strong with a voice and don't ever mess up. What I'm trying to say is, take this sereacely! Don't mess up. You can acendently put a curse on you. that curse would be a ''Lightning Curse''! SO heres what to say:

Twists and Twirls of the sea, can you speak to me? grant me to be an H2O living creature. I would like powers to protect in the sea, so mote and make this me. I'd like a shiny tail since I'm a Girl/Boy, so make it be. I live as a mermaid, let it be because I invoke thee.

Sea living objects, it can be. Will you make this me? This is who I wish to be! Please, grant me what I deserve to be, a human like fish is me! So Mote Me Be! I'd have a tail color of () and thy power of () please! This is all I need to protect myself in the sea! Sea belongs, human doe not, I'm free to no longer be inside humanity!

So Mote It Be!!! I grant a wish of the sea! So make this me! MOTE THIS ONE BE JUST FOR ME!!!

Your tail does not disapear when people see it. Anyway, it's permanit, so you cant reverce this spell. Its developed by me.


Telekinesis Hydrokinesis Atmokinesis Thermokinesis (I HAVE) Audiokinesis Cryokinesis Gyrokinesis Geokinesis (DONT NO WHAT THIS ONE IS).........Or you can make your own. how? Imagined. Replace the () with ''''imagined me'''' so what power or color you think, you get!

Takes 1day. Once you done the spell put away the charm. You dont need it for the spell to be a mermaid anymore.


Green Blue Pale Blue Baby Blue Navy Blue or your imagined. Liek i said, to get your own color, imagine it. just replace the () with ''''imagined me''''

 Kai's note: What is this I don't even

* * *

go to pond or lake or beach alone in the evening get on waters edge and say:

as i lay on the sandy shore i wish to see my legs no more i want to swim in the magical sea a mermaid is what i wish to be ( then close your eyes and dive in the water)

* * *

This is what happened on a full moon I was playing around in the water when I started thinking what do I want more than anything. so I spun around 3 times and said this a again 3 times. Magic from water and magic from land make my greatest desirer come true give me a fin of such colors and powers that give me treats make me as pretty as the sun and my bones readjust to make a fin fit and I will be a myth forever and ever until the end. Make sure when you fall asleep the full moon is shinning right on you otherwise it didn't work and don't worry don't stop your hope if it does not come the next day it gives some sighs until it grows total.

* * *

My (mermaid) friend told me this spell (MUST do it on REAL full moon...)

1.get your favorite shell (real), a scale (the color you want your tail to be), and a fancy glass of cold water

2. put the glass of water someplace where the reflection of the moon is in it

3. hold the scale and shell both in your left hand, look DIRECTLY at the reflection and say "Aquarius, Cancer, and Pices, please PLEASE let me be a semi-mer; half mermaid and half human. Please let me communicate through thoughts under water. Please give me a power of your choice. Whenever I touch water, let me turn into a mermaid. Please please PLEASE grant my strong wish, rulers of the sea."

4. dip your right hand in the glass of water for EXACTLY three seconds

5. don't touch ANY water for the rest of the night (includes not drinking water) 

* * *

on a full or new moon, get some salt, lemon juice (make sure u don't have any cuts when u do this cause it will sting!) and a tub full of water. Get in the tub and dunk ur head. (make sure ur eyes r closed!) Once resurfaced, recite

The power of the moon shall bless this one,

Make my legs become none.

When on land

I shall return,

to show the world this untrue creature

Make sure u don't say true creature, cause then u r stuck as a fish forever. No matter what. 

Kai's note: And the lemon juice does what?

* * *

"Let me be a Mermaid so I can swim and have powers, let my tail be (color) and my power be (your fave power) 1 time, wait a while and then pour water on yourself in your bathroom so you don't make a mess, hold ur hands together & say "tomorrow I will be a mermaid" 5 times. Soak ur feet in water for 30 seconds and then go to bed, when you wake up look in the mirror and say..."Mermaid be Mermaid see, Have I become a Mermaid yet? Say yes please" 3 times. I must warn you there are side affects if you do this! You will feel wiggly, thirsty, tempted to swim, a craving for fish, a fear from sharks and you will have a different way of walking at first AND you will feel like brushing your hair.

* * *

Fill your tub with water on a full moon. The water might start to bubble. Then get in the tub and sing the full version of No Ordinary Girl. Close your eyes and sing with all your heart. Your tail might appear while in the tub or the next day you touch water. Your tail will be orange like on H2O. By the way, have hot water for Rikki's powers, warm water for Cleo's powers, and cold water for Emma's powers. 

Kai's note: In other words, hallucinate that you're in H2O.

* * *

say this is a real salt water bath.

merfolk i am calling you,

to help me make my dream come true.

i wish to be a mermaid,you see

could one of you please help me?

i would like a tail the color (color)

and the power to (power) water. 

but not forever is my wish,

i will not always swim with the fish.

a mermaid when wet 

a human when dry

 at the stroke of midnight tonight,

 so be it!

* * *

first i meditated with power representations (Ex: cup of water and a fan that is on) for about ten -twenty min. While meditating i thought about mermaids anything about mermaids. After i filled the tub with water and meditated again with all thoughts cleared except ones about mermaids. Then i felt kind of a kniting along the inside of my legs. I peeked to see what was going on and saw a gorgous Hot pink tail!

* * *

-Wear your symbol.

-Put something of yours related to the ocean.

-Recite this spell:

“Witches of the waters, answer my call.

I plead for one wish that will forever

change me. Duel a spell of immortal

powers. A human being when dry, but as

for a _(color) tail will grow when wet.

Rain can’t harm me, only other drops of

h20. As for I plead along to _(power)

water in anyway. So witches and widows

of our sea, cast the mermaid spell upon


It really works but if you want one thats faster try this

At night, get in the bathtub, turn out the lights, sprinkle two pinches of salt on both sides of you, say ‘mermaid when wet, human when dry, this is thing that I most desire. 4 times. Then get out of the tub and go straight to bed. Fall asleep with your legs crossed and you hands on your symbol (it doesn’t matter if u don’t sleep through the whole night like that). Then the next time u touch water in the morning, you should be a mermaid just like the ones on h2o!

It takes 24-48 hours to work

* * *

I love my tail it's green and its beautiful i love being a merman my tail meets at my waist This is the spell me and my friends did:

ego dico super deus quod dea Yemaja quod atargatis quod neptune

EGO scisco vos commodo , beatus mihi per a regius puteulanus penis

11 long years, dry, on land,

I stare at the waves, from the sand.

Commodo planto mihi a merman , non a humanus anymore , Tamen tantum ut ego sum madidus , immo verto.

its been my dream to swim underwater

spiritus of profundum

to live under water

Tribuo mihi regula of inflexus undo ut EGO commodo Filiolus of Oceans , Audite meus placitum

ut exsisto immortalis pro infinitio

is typicus ego servo exhibeo ego sum dignus ut profundum

Dea Yemeja quod atargatis of profundum , commodo tribuo is opto mihi ego precor vos tribuo meus votum EGO scisco vos commodo , operor is mihi

Kai's Note: Someone had fun with Google Translate.

* * *

Water spirits rise tonight,for today i am changed.

I wish to swim amung the fish”

Yet to walk amung the humans.

The water calls to me and sings to me.

” I am to be free spirits , a mermaid i will be”Ingrediants ( are fairly simple)

 * A full moon* * a seashell *

 * A tub of water * * a stary night *

 * A lit candle * * necklace *

Steps ( also fairly simple )

1 sit in tub with no lights on – if its really a full moon you will have light.

2 Recite the spell above three times

3 Light the candle and put it in or on the seashell.

4. Picture yourself with a tail

5. Then shout ” make me a mermaid”

6. Blow out the candle and rise from the tub.

{ the prodedure takes about a week }

* * *

Try this for control over water's movement:

Let me be a mermaid

Let my wings take flight

Give me a (insert color here)tail

I'll try with all my might

Let Me control water

My hands make it go to great hieghts

Water will go where i tell it

Fly left or fly right

Let me be a mermaid

On this full moon night

Try this for heating powers:

Let me be a mermaid

Let my wings take flight

Give me a (insert color here) tail

I’ll try with all my might

Let me heat the water

Or make the lightening strike

Warmth when I command it

Bright day, or blackest night

Let me be a mermaid

On this full moon night

Try this for cooling/freezing powers:

Let me be a mermaid

Let my wings take flight

Give me a (insert color here)tail

I'll try with all my might

Let the liquid freeze

And turn to brittle ice

Cold winds when I say

To blur the peoples’ sight

Let me be a mermaid

On this full moon night 

* * *

keep your legs together and then go under the water. Say this under the water. Don't worry if only bubbles come out, that is what is ment to happen (Dont come up until you have said every word):

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble

My mermaid wish is about to begin

For a tail will grow on me

A spell to for i shall use

What spell would that be?

When i touch water i shall grow a tail

I can use my spell to

For this spell sure won't fail

My tail shall be new

Now you may come up for air before the second half of the transformation spell:

Take a deep breath and go back underwater. Stay there for at least 15 seconds, make it 20 to be on the safe side. after 20 seconds blow the largest amount of bubbles you can manage and then you can come up, but still hold your breath on the surface for 5 seconds. So sorry if this is hard for you! I know it was super hard for me!

You should now find yourself a mermaid within one week. I would do it again on my next bath, just to be safe. NO GOGGLES OR HOLDING YOUR NOSE!

* * *

Showr spell:

Get into the shower. Stand with your legs together and turn the shower to as cold as you can make it! Hold your breath for 15-20 seconds. Now turn it as hot as you can take. Hold your breath for 20-25 seconds. Now lye down in the shower, with you face under the water, don't hold your nose or wear goggles. open your eyes once for one second. don't blink. You may close them but stay under the shower for at least 25 seconds! Now stand up and pull a hair out. as it goes down the drain say:

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble

My mermaid wish is about to begin

For a tail will grow on me

A spell to for i shall use

What spell would that be?

When i touch water i shall grow a tail

I can use my spell to

For this spell sure won't fail

My tail shall be new

You will have your tail in one week! Do it once more the next day to be safe!

* * *

And remember, you'll need a lot of IMAGINATION, so it can work.

ok what you do is you go down to the beach which is closest to you when the full moon is out, take your clothes off, sit on the shore and put your head under water and call out to the mermaids and tell them that your coming, then you drink 1 litre of sea water and then you dive in and there you go!

Kai's note: 1) Don't be nude at a beach unless it's a nudist beach. 

2) Don't drink sea water. 

* * *


first you need to find a magical place (as rare as they are) one with a pool of water (such as the moon pool) but . . . it has to be a full moon derectly above you. stay in the water until the moon passed by then the next morning you will have all of the effect of rikki, cleo, and emma.

* * *

touch water on a full moon. (warning DO NOT DO THIS AFTER YOU ARE A MERMAID. side effects may include, a sudden need to cause trobule, turning into a siren witch is a evil mermaid that attracts boys with her angelic voice.)

Kai's note: Too easy, or else lotsa people would be merfolk by now.

* * *

1) get ur fav neclace on(on the night of the full moon) 

2) then if u want 2 get the power 2 freeze water a cold bath, the power 2 steam water a hot bath, and exactly in the middle(temperature) for the power 2 move water

3) then put 6 and 2/5 cups of salt in the water

4) next put body wash(soap) from the waist down, with the color u want ur tail 2 b 

5) then soak for 22 minutes and 14 seconds

6) get out of the water and dont touch water 4 the next 13 hrs and 47 minutes.

* * *

Glass of the sea,Shine apoun me, Eye of the ocean, Grant me with fins, Make me a mermaid human, No more away from the shore, Now im finally free to ecaspe humanity. Rules. (1.Fill bath tub as high as posible. 2. Say spell ten times (make sure to have a necklace on or some sort of symbol necklace. 3. wait 1 hole week so do it from Monday to Monday it has to be 7 plus 1 days long. Practice swimming like a mermaid to increase your powers. You don't get to deside on color of tail or powers. 

* * *


*Rain water

*Food coloring( choose the color that you want your tail to be)

*Ocean / Water scented candles

*A small sea shell

*Wash cloth


1. Fill the bowl with the rain water and put 2 drops of food coloring

2. Put the shell in the middle of the bowl

3. Put the candles around the bowl and light the candles it doesn’t matter how many candles you have

4. Dip the wash cloth in the water with out touching the shell and without splashing

5. Then put the wash cloth over BOTH of your legs

6. Then say the spell 2 times correctly

7. When your done saying the spell ring out the wash cloth back into the bowl with out splashing

8. Then take the shell out of the water and put out the candles with the shell


Here is the spell

A mermaid, mermaid I shall be

Mermaids, mermaids transform me

A mermaid, mermaid clever and cool

I shall transform while in a pool

Out of the water I will have feet

And clean my room nice and neat

 * * *


100% GARAUNTEED to work

Steps (be careful not to mess up)

1. Take an item which is very close to your heart and wrap it in a box and let it flow down a stream, which leads into the ocean

2. Drink 1 cup of the lake water and bathe yourself in it

3. (optional step) For the mermaid prfect hair follow this step. This step can be skipped but i recomend it because you dont want string dead hair caused by the salt in the sea. So for this step take 1 drop of lemon juice, two cups of coconut milk and one cup of fish oil and mix it together to create a special hair protecter.

4. the fourth step i took to become a mermaid was to drink salt water (water + seasalt) every morning before eating anything else.

5. On your 10th night of this ritual (the water drinking) Every night at eight p.m look up at the mooon and concentrate and wish for becomeing a mermaid more than you have ever wanted ever. Then on the 3rd night of doing so go out to the same strem you have been at in step 1 and stand in the water while and feel how your inner spirit connects with the water.

6. For the completing formula take 1 teaspoon of fish oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon or mineral water and fresh seaweed and blend it together and drink it.

7. 24 hours after go out to an ocean and when the sun hits the horizon dive into the water towards the sun

* * * 

go in the bathroom and get a candle and run your warm to warm then you fill it to the rim and then get in and put salt in your tub then u say a sell mermaid feet mermaid feet turn meh in to amermaid now giv me gills and human nomore u hav to say it 10 times okay 2 next put your legs together then u say it agin a nd your power would be shape, HEAT , and feerzing, BOLING

* * *

Spirits of sea.

Please make my wish come to me.

I wish to fly through h2o,

I wish to swim to and fro.

Help me replace my legs and feet,

With a (color) tail that is so neat.

A fin that flops around when wet,

Little toes when I’m all set.

Spirits of water,

Spirits of sea.

Please make my wish come to me.


* * *



Witches, Gods, and Goddesses all,

hear my plead and answer my call.

Make a mermaid out of me,

but only when i wish to be.

Let the sirens sing,

and hear my song. 

 * * *


stand where you can see the moon and recite:

There is something you can give to me

Gods and Goddesses under the sea

There is something i wish to be

Mermaids, i too wish to be

In return i will give you this;

Salt of the sea to seal my wish.

* * *

What You Need: salt water, and a piece of jewely.

Side Effects: like itchy legs and arms scaly hands only when you touch water though and fins on your arms maby fins on your legs and ps do in salt water well just touch salt water and dont do on full moon bye love i now a spell

Spell: say:oh great goddest of the sea iwould like a tail on water and be a human on dry. say spell ten times

 * * *

What You Need: 1 cup of water and put salt in it, get a spencele jewely and put it on

Side Effects: it should work! It did for me then eat something salty and the day after touch water and u will be a mermaid and don’t tell anyone because then the spell with back fire and mak ur head a fish head and human legs

good luck

Spell: I don’t know how to say but I can’t give this oppertunity away make me a mermaid when I say

air is good but water is better make me a mermaid but not forever

when the time of 12 tonight I will be what I wish to be no more humanity

* * *

What You Need: a tub where you can see the full moon at, lots of salt, a piece of jewely.

Side Effects: wanting to drink milk and water

Tail Colors: the tail colour is untellable because if your happy then it will be etheir blue,green or baby pink but if your happy it will be etheir pink (hot pink), white or yellow if your feeling ill then it will be green always and if your angry it will be red

Don't Do: do not look at the full moon it will make you go weird and wanting to be in water but beware dont touch water on the full moon because you wont be able to change untill the moon has gone

* * *

It's a complicated process, but I will attempt to explain it to you anyway.

There's only a couple times per month, in which this will work, not to mention you need to be near a large body of water.

So, on a night with a full moon (mermaids draw the majority of their power from the moon) you have to go outside to the large body of water. Now, against popular belief, there are such things as salt water mermaids AND fresh water mermaids, and the type of water you transform in will determine which type of mermaid you become (ocean=salt water mermaid; pool or lake=freshwater mermaid). Even though most people would say salt water mermaids have more fun, I would say that decision is up to you. Yes, it is true that salt water mermaids do have much more water they can be in and there are possibly up to 75% more salt water mermaids than fresh water, though this can never actually be proven, it is believed that fresh water mermaids have more power and have an even more complex/futureistic society than saltwater mermaids do. This is probably the hardest decision of it all, deciding whether to be a salt water or fresh water mermaid, because once you transform there is no way that we currently know of, that can change you to the other type.

Once you have made this decision, you must go outside(in any clothes) to the area which you will transform, exactly one hour before the height of the full moon (this changes from time to time and can be found out on a a site such as weather.com). There are rumors that if the night has stars that's a sign that your transformation will go great, but on the otherhand if it is a dark night, then the transformation could fail or even have horrible side effects. Once you're outside, you must lay down on your back by the edge of the water, but you must'nt ever let the water touch your flesh, or else your chakras will block and can possibly cause you to never be able to take in the full transformation. When you're on your back, look up at the sky and get lost in it's vast infinity. You must continue laying there until the moonlight hits you perfectly. This is the hardest step of the physical transformation, because if the spot you chose to lay down on, doesn't allow the moonlight to hit you perfectly than you have to return home and wait for the next full moon to try agan. *Note: You CANNOT move from the spot you chose first or else you have just wasted your time continuing with the rest of the process.* If the moon hits you, you have been accepted into the Rights of Mermaids. Be Patient! This could take up to an hour for the moonlight you hit you, but after it has you must must must work quickly, because you only have about three minutes before the height of the full moon.

After the moonlight has hit you, you need to stand up and stand there. This is when it gets technical: Take 3 deep breaths, say something and take one step(each breath/word/step representing one minute), after the first breath say "Jedan", and take one step(doesnt matter which foot) after the second breath say "Dva" and take another step, and after the third breath say "Drvo" and take your last step. By this tiime you should feel the water rushing up against your flesh, if you don't, you can't continue on and you have to return home and wait for the next full moon. Even though this will probably only take less than thirty seconds in reality, because you have entered the mermaid transformation, the relationship between time and space has altered and even though your mind says this took less than thirty seconds, it has really took 2 and 1/2 minutes. Now is the most crucial step in the transformation, in the next thirty seconds you must continue walking deeper and deeper into the water, using the same process as above(breath, word, step) but this time you will repeat "i pokazati mi puet sirena" (because this language is ancient, and we don't know nearly enough about mermaid language, we do know sirena means mermaid and mi puet probably can be translated into English as the way, so this means something about the way of the mermaid). So than continue this breath, chant, step process until all but your head is submerged in the water, remember you have to go from feet in water to all but head in water in only thirty seconds(this is why the mermaid race is so strong, because only the best and most willing are able to make it through this whole process) after everything but your head is submerged in water, the moon should be at its height and fullest. nows when the realllll transformation occurs, the light should get stronger and there will be a beam surrounding you. The water will begin to bubble and sparkles, from now on don't fight against anything the water does. From now on, no one knows for sure what happens, but this is what has been observed and is commonly accepted, your legs will probably tingle and a brght flash of colored light will blind anyone watching. there has only been one case of observin

 * * *

Ingredients Needed: 1. Water 2. Charm 3. Voice

Say this 11 times while wet

Please god help me grow a pinky shiny shiny tail and i will do what you want forever.

* * *

Ingredients Needed: 1.salt water 2. full moon 3. shell necklace 4. Voice

This one will also turn you into a mermaid BUT its permanent!

Be in the ocean when you say this!!

I.m a mermaid forever to be my legs will knit up as you see

* * *

spell to become a mermaid:

Mermaid magic come to me,

I would like a tail not two feet

Beauty be upon me

Fish all kinds let me see

When I'm finished in the sea

When I'm dry my feet return to me

(p.s. I changed the first line. It's really "Magic spirits of the deep")

To do this spell you have to wear your favorite necklace and take a shower or a bath. Near the end of your shower or bath say the spell SLOWLY. Dry off and the next time you touch water you should be a mermaid (or merman)! Okay. Now, after I said this spell, I dried off and ran my hand in sink water.I closed my eyes 

* * *

You need a charm, and a foot bath, or a regular bath.

First, I held the charm in my hand and tightly squeezed it. Then, I got my legs and feet wet. And I recited:

Magic spirits deep in the sea, please please listen to me.

When wet I get a ___ tail instead of legs and a ___ scaly bra too, Powers, POWERS! What's a mermaid without them? The power(s) of ___ is what I would like so I can't complain then! When dry, I get my legs back just the same as before I was wet, which infact, means my whole body. Rain cannot change me, but a drop of any other water will. The full moon can put me in a trance, but magic spirits deep in the sea, you choose that, not me! When I'm directly under the water, I get harmless gills, but when my head pops up and into the air again, my gills go away until I put my head back under. Magic spirits deep in the sea, please please listen to me!

Then I continued with my shower and prayed to God that the spell would work.

* * *

Items you will need

 * Bathtub

 * 1 Cup of Salt

 * A clean sharp item

 * Small class cup

 * Voice

Casting Instructions for ' Real Mermaid Spell'

This spell includes using blood so anyone who is desperate enough to be a mermaid may read it, anyone who may be squeemish about blood should not use this spell.

1. Fill up your bathtub halfway with water.

2. Take 1 cup of salt and pour 3/4 of it in the bath tub.

3. DO NOT TOUCH THE WATER (not yet anyway).

4. Take the clean sharp item and make a little cut on your leg.

5. Take one drop of your blood and put it in the small glass cup.

6. Pour 1/4 of the salt into the cup with the blood.

7. Fill the glass up with sink water.

8. Mix the ingridients with your finger.

9. Get into the bathtub with the potion in your hand.

10. Chant these words while clutching the potion:

''This potion I hold in the clutch of my hand,

will part me to see and no longer land.

As I touch the water a tail will appear,

I will be human on land with no fear.

As I drink this potion I will have no feet,

until I get dry, mote it be, mote it be.''

After you chant these words you will notice there is no tail. Not to worry! To obtain your tail you must wait 2 weeks. Some people will get lucky and the more you believe the luckier you are. The lucky people I have tested this potion with became a mermaid in 2-3 days! But others didn't believe that much so it took longer for them to develope their tail and power. You will obtain a power too but you do not get to choose. It may be a power like being able to communicating with fish in the sea, or controlling sea life, etc. There are a few side effects and just to be cautious and to look ahead, the side effects are: Itchy legs, legs change color, you smell like fish, need for water, legs feel rough, legs stick together, you get mermaid dreams, visions, have the need for salt, need to swim in water, take more baths than the average human (3 times a day), begin to understand sea life (like fish, manatees, ect.), start to swim like a fish, splash in a bathtub, lose your balance, fall in the shower, have moments where you breath underwater, have moments where you see clearly under salt water or any other water, breath heavy on land, when falling on the floor or laying down you start flapping your legs, constant hunger for sea food, have the feeling you want to collect shells, and seduce more men.

If you have any of these side effects you will soon gain your h20 just add water tail and yes it does include the bikini top with it. Some people are really lucky and obtain their power first before tail. Some people get their tail first and have obtained these side effects for their power. Either way it will end out good in tail and power. Also, some people maybe you may get more than one power. It just depends. 

* * *

What you need:

~ a symbol*


Fish, Dolphins, Creatures of the Sea

Oh Gods, Oh Goddesses

hear my plea

Give the power to me

Bless me with the gift of a beautiful tail fin

Give me the gift of magickal powers

No one shall know

I will hide from 'curious eyes'

I need to be a mermaid

By becoming a mermaid, I harm none. I don't take anyone's free will either.

Oh Gods, Oh Goddesses

Make me what i wish to be,


This is my wish so mote it be.

You must say this once while wet. While saying the spell, relax, letting the words overcome you. 

* * *

You must have:

~ a symbol*


My wish is to be

A creature that dances on the ocean floor

One with powers that harm none

A creature with a beautiful tail

One that can swim abnormally fast

A creature that can hold their breath for as long as they please

A mermaid is what i wish to be

You must say this as many times as you feel necessary. (Note: the more times you say it, there's a greater chance that the spell will work faster.) Don't forget, you must be wet to say this spell. 

* * *

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YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/) 

To view ALL of the mermaid spells on YouTube, visit the following link. It will lead you to a playlist.